A Guide on What Is Really like Living in Canada

 Many people consider Canada as one of the best places to live in especially because of the benefits they get.   One of the major reasons people do so is because of how the education system is excellent.   Canada as very many natural resources that make life very affordable.   You find that the healthcare system is also very good for many people.  For many of the people migrating here, it is because of the employment market which is very strong.   There are many other issues you need to address before you can actually settle about moving to Canada.   Discussed on this site are more details on what it is really like living in Canada. 

 Before you can settle to move to Canada, it is important to know that it is a totally different culture from what you’re used to.  It might seem ideal at the moment because of political issues in the US but it is critical to know that Canada as are very diverse culture.  For example, the moment you cross to Canada, you’ll find that you have to change your car from miles to kilometers.   Another cultural difference is Canadians are much friendlier compared to the people in the US and this is something you need to learn.  The emphasis a lot on public good rather than individual gain.   You will  discover more  about these especially on how they handle the healthcare and taxes.   There are provincial and municipal taxes and the federal taxes will range between 15% and 33%.   The advantage is that you can actually enjoy free healthcare if you are a permanent residence and you have applied for public health insurance. 

 It is also important to note that this not magical that you will just show up and live here.  Many people have misconceptions about moving to Canada.   Before you can actually cross to Canada, there is an immigration process, you have to go through.  It is a very long and complex process and therefore need to learn on how to deal with it.   To learn more about immigration in canada, click here for more info.

Another serious thing you need to know is that there is a high cost of living.  The cost of living will definitely vary from cities and provinces.   Vancouver and Toronto are known to be the most expensive cities to live in but Manitoba and Alberta are very affordable for many people.  The good thing is that the healthcare cost is not very high.   There are different types of foods that you want to  learn more  about.

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